Pinterest – More than just pictures

You might have heard about Pinterest took one look and thought that’s not for me, or you maybe an occasional user either way what is Pinterest all about and how can you get the best from it

Pinterest screen shotPinterest is more than just pictures.  Think of it as a way to bookmark your favourite ideas and a way to gain inspiration.  People will often surf the web, think that’s a lovely display/great idea I will remember that for later and then forget all about it.  Pinterest allows users to collect all their ideas and inspiration in one easy place.  This is done by ‘Pinning’.  Pinning an image is done by clicking the red pin it button and adding it to your board.  Images can be pinned to the same board to gain inspiration such as ideas for the bathroom, messy play activities, classroom displays to name a few.

How can Pinterest help me?

Pinterest is a really useful business tool which is often overlooked.  Pinterest is a way to visually show your company and its values, not just a way to display the product images from your company website.  So for example if you are designing a new princess range you may wish to pin images which have helped inspire this range onto a board of Princess ideas.  Showcase the design element and brand thought process.  It is a great way to engage an audience on Pinterest.  By re pinning pins from other users draws them onto your page to see the things you are working on.    Consumers will want to come back to follow the story of your product as it unfolds.  Maybe even draw their own design inspirations.


Pinterest lends itself to e-commerce, with users pinning inspiration and ideas before purchasing the components needed to create their idea.  Images in Pinterest are click-able back to their source so can be a free way to advertise your companies products.

Top tips

Pinterest is a visual social media platform, as such a companies presence needs to be visually pleasing.  Clear images and accurate short descriptions.  Well organised and neat boards are also a must.  The best tip is to re pin other pins and watch how the image you pinned from your company spreads over Pinterest.

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